Wednesday, July 2, 2014

another trip around the sun....

Here it is... the first day of my 33rd year of life.  I wish that I could say that my 32nd year was amazing and that I accomplished everything that I set out to do...but alas, that would be a great fallacy. A horrific lie... or perhaps, wishful thinking.

In spite of my shortcomings and failures, I definitely experienced my fair share of elation and enjoyment... I completed another ultra marathon (50k), I made amends with many members of the family, and most importantly, I gained two new members of my family in the form of a couple of foster kiddos.  All in all, a great success.

However, I come at my 33rd year with a vengeance.  I hope to accomplish many things and I really need to hit the ground running in order to achieve all that I set out to do.  These items are as follows (in no particular order of importance):

I don't like to do "New Year's resolutions."  Instead, every year on my birthday, I like to sit and really evaluate my life and do a little "pulse check" of sorts . However, I've never really immortalized my thoughts in my blog, usually only in pen and ink.  But for some reason, I feel that setting out my intentions here will motivate and encourage me to hit the ground running... So, In my 33rd year of life, I am hereby stating to the universe that I am setting out to do as follows:

Regain my physical fitness
Make more time for myself
Allow myself to open up to the possibility of romance (and allow myself to take the time to get to know others in that realm)
Finish at least 2 out of my 3 prerequisites in order to apply for the nursing program at national
Study for the TEAS exam (nursing school entrance requirement)
Blog daily
Take more photos and organize the ones that I have to preserve the memories
Communicate more effectively
Follow a strict budget and menu/meal plan
Become more educated in regards to natural remedies (diet, essential oils, etc)
Spend more time at the library/reading
Cook and craft more
Less helicopter parenting, more free range parenting
Work on my autobiography
Purge my life of bad habits, extra baggage, and negative influences/people
Love more, love often.
Spend more time outside
Paint more

Well, there's the list... for now.  Perhaps I'l add more as  I see fit.

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