Friday, July 28, 2017

It's been crazy...

It's been awhile... More to come!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reinventing the blog

Too much has happened since I posted last to fully catch you up but I'll give a brief lowdown:

2012: Jason and I separated 
October 2013: took on two foster children and had them for 15 months 
August 2014: broke my hip and had to have both an ORIF (August) and total hip replacement (THR) In December
2015: reunited with my high school sweetheart, mitch (January)
Moved to Maryland (June)
Started x-ray school (august)
2017: graduated from x-ray school (may)
Took national registry and passed with a 93 (may 26)
Got a job at Shady Grove medical center (June)
Stated work as a tech (June 19)
Turned 36 (July 2nd)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

can I even catch up?

     I'm unsure as to how long it has really been since I've blogged.  I know that I've thought about things to blog about but I suppose the fingers never really got to the keyboard to put the thoughts to record.  I'm fairly certain that I've missed so many opportunities to document major events in my life and that makes me sad...but it also makes me more motivated to try and keep up with the blogging this year.  We shall see what happens.

     Today I am home with Ellie, who has a stomach bug.  When we were in Palm Springs for a little winter vacation, my mom, Zoe, and I were sick... not sure how Ellie held out this long before getting sick but I guess there's no time like the present.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

another trip around the sun....

Here it is... the first day of my 33rd year of life.  I wish that I could say that my 32nd year was amazing and that I accomplished everything that I set out to do...but alas, that would be a great fallacy. A horrific lie... or perhaps, wishful thinking.

In spite of my shortcomings and failures, I definitely experienced my fair share of elation and enjoyment... I completed another ultra marathon (50k), I made amends with many members of the family, and most importantly, I gained two new members of my family in the form of a couple of foster kiddos.  All in all, a great success.

However, I come at my 33rd year with a vengeance.  I hope to accomplish many things and I really need to hit the ground running in order to achieve all that I set out to do.  These items are as follows (in no particular order of importance):

I don't like to do "New Year's resolutions."  Instead, every year on my birthday, I like to sit and really evaluate my life and do a little "pulse check" of sorts . However, I've never really immortalized my thoughts in my blog, usually only in pen and ink.  But for some reason, I feel that setting out my intentions here will motivate and encourage me to hit the ground running... So, In my 33rd year of life, I am hereby stating to the universe that I am setting out to do as follows:

Regain my physical fitness
Make more time for myself
Allow myself to open up to the possibility of romance (and allow myself to take the time to get to know others in that realm)
Finish at least 2 out of my 3 prerequisites in order to apply for the nursing program at national
Study for the TEAS exam (nursing school entrance requirement)
Blog daily
Take more photos and organize the ones that I have to preserve the memories
Communicate more effectively
Follow a strict budget and menu/meal plan
Become more educated in regards to natural remedies (diet, essential oils, etc)
Spend more time at the library/reading
Cook and craft more
Less helicopter parenting, more free range parenting
Work on my autobiography
Purge my life of bad habits, extra baggage, and negative influences/people
Love more, love often.
Spend more time outside
Paint more

Well, there's the list... for now.  Perhaps I'l add more as  I see fit.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 3

Seeeester time

And the woman of the day, my best friend jax, who deploys in the next couple weeks... :(

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3

Today's love note...

"Mom you are the best mom" from tommy

And some daily cute... This is the newest addition of females to our family... Sydney (age 3)

Happy mom of 4!!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2

The family "nice things" picture...

"Nice things" by my 6 year old (I guess you would say he's a "foster") son :)

"My life has been weird because I've been going back and forth..." This one breaks my heart!!

"I love all and rebecca of all!" (He meant best of all!)"

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Post 1, day 1 2014

First love notes of the new year.... From tommy..: more to follow!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Stick to the plan! My race report from lake hodges 50k

For my birthday, my best friend, Jax, signed us both up for the lake hodges 50k. After all, nothing says "happy birthday" like pain and suffering, right?

In any case, during our long runs, we hatched a plan to get us through the race... It was pretty simple... Run to every aid station, refuel... Then walk for a bit to digest (up to a mile) and then run to the next aid stations. This worked quote well... In fact, we had originally thought we would want to walk the full mile between aid stations, but we were feeling so good that we rarely used the full mile.

The month leading up to the race, Jax and I cracked down and followed a slightly more strict "paleo diet" and ensured our fluid intake was increased as well as our sleep. This seemed to work amazingly as on race day, neither my rheumatoid arthritis nor fibromyalgia was acting up and Jax stomach felt great.

Pre-race dinner

We devoured our pre-race meal of 1/2 a sweet potato with ghee and salt, 1 sunny side up egg, and some leftover steak from dinner the night before, all washed down with our favorite Gatorade (limon pepino!!) and hit the road at 0500. Having gone to bed at 1845 the night before, we were both well rested and the 30 minute drive to the race was far easier than last year's trek to oriflamme!

We even had time to goof off a bit, which ordinarily would have been our strategy to calm our nerves... But neither of us were nervous... Which is always a good sign!

Packet pick up was easy as The race was well put together and run by a great team of experienced runners and coaches. The aid stations were wonderfully stocked and for the first time ever, I took advantage of the soda. The trail was well marked and with the exception of "Raptor Ridge," the course was pretty flat.... And gorgeous!

We executed our plan to perfection... And entertained ourselves with our pre-determined strategy of discussing certain topics such as "don't ever let me do ______ again," "remember when," and "goals/bucket list ideas." We planned future events, we laughed, we took in the beauty, and we soaked up the energy radiating from all the other runners. It was a truly beautiful experience.

Around mile 27, neither of us were feeling like superwoman anymore but we trekked on... And soon the finish line was in our sight. We both smiled as we saw Jax two kids come barreling up the finish chute to bring us in... At that point, they were definitely dragging US! And then we finished.... About a 2 hour personal record (PR) from last year's 50k time AND I got to finish along side my best friend/partner in crime suffering.

Neither of us could come up with anything that we'd do differently next time, though I'm sure ideas will come to us over time. All in all, though, it was a great race. The perfect storm of good conditions... Perfect weather, cooperating diseases/ailments, great course, great company... Everything came together perfectly... So well that I'm fairly certain we will be doing another one eventually.

This race is particularly meaningful and special for a couple reasons... The primary one is that Jax deploys for a 7 month tour in Afghanistan with the Navy Reserves, and that this was our last big race until she returns... And the second being that Jax didn't finish oriflamme with me last year, due to illness, and wanted redemption. Well, Jax, you got it!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back to the days of the caveman...

Ok, I'll admit it... My eating habits have been horrible lately and as a result, my body is rebelling. Workouts have been extra hard and my arthritis is not enjoying it. Let's just say, if in usually molasses... Lately I've been frozen molasses.

This is certainly not conducive to the upcoming ultra marathon (50k) that Jax and I have on the 27th. So, seeing as she has been wanting to clean up her eating for her pre-deployment (yes, she's being deployed with the us navy in January... To Afghanistan.... But that topic will get its own array of posts...) training, we decided to jump back into the paleo lifestyle.

I have much more to post but wanted to entice you with some food...


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