Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reinventing the blog

Too much has happened since I posted last to fully catch you up but I'll give a brief lowdown:

2012: Jason and I separated 
October 2013: took on two foster children and had them for 15 months 
August 2014: broke my hip and had to have both an ORIF (August) and total hip replacement (THR) In December
2015: reunited with my high school sweetheart, mitch (January)
Moved to Maryland (June)
Started x-ray school (august)
2017: graduated from x-ray school (may)
Took national registry and passed with a 93 (may 26)
Got a job at Shady Grove medical center (June)
Stated work as a tech (June 19)
Turned 36 (July 2nd)

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