Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vermont !

So, Nathaniel and I are fortunate to have the opportunity to be on the east coast - from October 4-9. Full explanation and longer blog entry to follow, but for now... Photos!

Starting the drive from Albany, NY to Bennington, VT

Breakfast at the blue benn diner... An old family favorite


Old synagogue

Restoring an old church...

Road leading to old house, Bennington monument, and scenery....

Old house...

She remembered me! (The monument gift store manager

View of old house and our 7 acres

Our "home"for the long weekend

As a teen, I sat on his site and wrote poetry

He said he wanted to go to Peru...

Amazing scenery...

New friends from across the USA, even some from Hawaii and Alaska!

Amazing food

Stay tuned for more.

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Location:Herrick St,Rensselaer,United States

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