Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hand before becoming vegan an gluten free and cutting out caffeine and most processed sugar :)

(note: i can't straighten my hand)

Hand a WEEK AND A HALF into my new lifestyle :)

I can wear all my rings again!!
Guess this is a GOOD change that must be sustained forever!!

This morning I woke up without my feet hurting... I was actually able to RUN on the treadmill and not walk/limp! This is just so exciting.. Gives me hope for Jax and my ultra marathon (Oriflamme 50k) in march. She turns 28 and I wanted to do an ultra the year I turned 30...however, life had other plans (arthritis diagnosis 2 months before!!) so I'll settle for an ultra before I turn 31!

Tonight is bed date night at Jax. Once a week, when Mike is away, I spend a night over there. When Jason is away (as he is right now), the kids come with. We cook something yummy (last week it was vegan, gluten free "tuna" melts with vegan, gluten free ice cream sandwiches) and tonight it is coconut curry with tempeh, veggies and rice. For dessert, we will use Zoe's new hello kitty cupcake machine to make gf/vegan chocolate cupcakes.

We usually put the kids to bed and then watch a movie or a show.... And go to bed really early. Definitely a fun tradition to make the weeks pass by faster.

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