Wednesday, January 4, 2012

good morning, world

Yep, it's 4:41am and I'm wide awake. Why? Because I went to bed around 9:30...and my alarm went off at 4 so that I could take my Norco prior to working out at 5. I technically could get out of bed now and start my workout early but I'm pretty content with just lying here and writing in my blog.

This past weekend was such a success with our friends that our buddy whose parents own the place invited us all back for a spring/summer trip AND for this year's NYE as well. I can only imagine what awesome things will occur and how much fun we'll have. I'll need to either convince mom to watch them or have a weekend swap with Jackie or something.

I realize that I didn't yet write about 2011 in Review... so much happened. Let me just type some of the "highlights" whether they were good or bad.

*January: Carlsbad 1/2 marathon (ran with Randi), started the year with a 90 mile bike ride with a great group of friends

*February: Palm Springs Century with Jackie and Mike, PR'd 1/2 Marathon (thanks to Jackie) with a time under 2 hours!

*March: training like a mad woman for NOLA 1/2 Ironman with Randi, met a really awesome and open (and extremely FUN!!!) group of people (at a March Fourth show) with whom Jason and I start hanging out with often.

*April: trip to NOLA with Randi, went sub 3 hours on the bike, 2:05 on the run, got ot see Erika & Jeremy, ran 18 miles with Jackie

*May: diagnosed with RA

*June: on LOA from work, spent lots of time with friends and the kids

*July: epic flirty dirty 30 masquerade birthday party

*August: BURNING MAN - a transformative and incredible experience that changed my life, Jason join's Alex's "circus" (acrobats!!)

*September: epic circus held at my house

*October: CAF relay (first long run back on pavement with Jax)

*November: epic parties, awesome Thanksgiving

*December: Lexi's first half marathon (in Vegas, ran with her), Epic Tahoe trip

All in all, 2011 was a year of self discovery, overcoming adversity, and a lot of fun. We fell into an amazing group of friends and continue to deepend our friendships daily. As for Jason and I - our relationship has only gotten stronger. We've learned to be more open with each other, communicate better, and I feel that I truly do love him more now than ever. Cliche, I know, but it really is true. Over the years, our relationship has transformed from what I thought was the greatest love ever (at the time) to something that keeps getting better with time.

This month marks our 6 year anniversary of living together. In January 2006, Jason got home from Kuwait, stayed his first night home with me...and never left.

...and they lived (usually) happily ever after. The end.

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