Monday, January 2, 2012

A great weekend

New year's eve has always been my favorite holiday. It is generally spent with friends and ends up being pretty memorable. This year was no exception. Jason and I spent 3nights in Tahoe with a group of our good friends in a huge, beautiful cabin. The weekend was spent laughing, talking, drinking, hiking, eating, and just being ridiculous among great people.

We couldn't have picked a more awesome and fun way to spend the weekend. Everything was awesome - there wasn't any drama and everyone got along so well. We tend to hang out a lot in San Diego so I figured there wouldn't be any problems in Tahoe but you never know when people are put in close quarters for extended periods of time. However, the weekend went without a hitch.

In any case, I'm pretty thankful for an awesome weekend and am definitely not looking forward to returning to the reality of work and Jason going back to los angeles tomorrow for the rest of the week.

As for what I hope to accomplish in 2012...

1. Ultra marathon in march
2. Get my arthritis under control
3. Finish my MA (or at least get as close as possible within the year)
4. Take the kids camping and on special trips/do special activities often
5. Enforce once weekly "date night" with hubby
6. Spend more time outside (doing things that don't constitute "training")
7. Start swimming again
8. Ride rocket twice a month (long rides)
9. Blog every day and take a "daily photo"
10. Get back into photography
11. Find volunteer work in my intended/desired field (psych/human services)
12. Redo resume
13. Continue to deepen and improve all relationships
14. Cook more
15. Declutter, organize and clean
16. Budget and stick to it
17. Plant a small garden
18. Focused, driven self improvement
19. Live more, love more
20. Accomplish as much of this silly list as possible so in 2013, my list isn't twice as long

:) ready, set, go!

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