Sunday, January 15, 2012

so I'm totally awful at the blog a day...

... so I'm going to try and commit to a "weekly wrap up" on Sundays... If I have the time (or remember) to blog during the week, I will...but for now, I'm going to commit to something I know I can do won't be as awful at accomplishing.

This week was crazy busy... lots of working out and time with the kiddos...and work. Nothing too exciting.

Then Friday, my mom tripped going down the curb while walking the dog and broke BOTH her ankles. She's currently in a physical rehab facility to heal another couple days before going home. (She's really not the best patient, so I wish those RNs luck).

I'm a bit frustrated with her... she basically told me today that I should have spend the entire day with her instead of running (today was my weekly long training run for the Ultra Marathon I'm signed up for in March) and should cancel the race because she thinks I need to be 100% available to HER. Well, maybe I'm a HORRIBLE daughter, but I just don't think my entire life and priorities need to STOP because she has broken ankles.

I fully intend to changing a lot of things so that I can be there for her... but I cannot and will not drop everything. She also stated that Jason should not go to his acrobatics rehearsals so that I can be available 24/7 to help her. I offered help, I offered for her to stay here. But she said her dogs (who are staying here) would drive her crazy and she wants somewhere quiet. But then was mad at me because I can't stay at her house while Jason's out of town because then we'd have to schlep the girls all the way south to school in the morning, then I'd have to go back central for work, back south for pickup, then back to central to my mom's house. I told her that I could come help her during lunch or when Jason IS in town... but nothing I said seemed good enough. So frustrating.

I love my mom, and I am beyond willing to help her. BUT life can't stop because she has broken ankles. I just can't win sometimes ok, most of the time... when it comes to my mom.

Today was a long trail run... was pretty good but I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow.

In any case, off to bed. MOre fun with Mom tomorrow.

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