Friday, July 2, 2010

29 and feeling fine...

Today was an amazing day... I had a fantastic birthday. My day started with a slew of texts, emails, facebook messages, and phone calls from friends and family...and ended with a great 2+ mile swim and fantastic burger from Burger Lounge with Randi and Jason...

I am excited for this weekend... since we didn't get in the run today (we ran out of time due to the traffic causing people to arrive later than expected and Randi losing her goggles at the cove, which resulted in a slower return swim) ... we will be running tomorrow... and on Monday...

I'm pretty excited about what's on tap for the weekend... to recap the plans... tomorrow = 40+ mile ride followed by a 4-8 mile run... Sunday = 50-60 mile ride, 10k trail run... Monday = 13.1 mile run on the AFC course with Randi, Jason, and some of Jason's co-workers... should be AWESOME.

Super happy to be feeling better (the salt water in the ocean totally cleared out my sinuses) and my shoulder is doing far better than expected. I really enjoyed being out in the ocean today... great company, awesome swim... and the water was pretty clear with decent visibility. I saw tons of fish, a few bat rays, a couple stingrays... even ventured to try to dive close to the fish... had a highly amusing swim back to the Cove with Randi and Jax's cousin's boyfriend, Travis. Since she didn't have goggles on, it was definitely much like a three ring circus... Good times, though... again, a reminder of why I love this sport, this community, this lifestyle.

so here I sit in bed, pre-hydrating for tomorrow's fun... looking forward to what the day holds and totally excited about the weekend of training. I do plan to get some relaxing and errands done as well, and I will get to spend time with my beautiful children.

My kids are truly amazing!! I don't emphasize how incredible I think they are. We have all three girls this weekend, and I love to just sit back and watch them play. They baked me cupcakes with my Mom today (another amazing person!!) and we celebrated my birthday briefly when we got back from dinner. Zoe, my biological oldest, has the most amazing outlook on life. Everything excites her, and she's so easily pleased. She also has the most kind and generous heart, always looking out for her sisters and sharing with them. Ellie, our youngest, has so much personality at such a young age. She's so energetic and loving... Jenna, J's daughter from his previous marriage, is sensitive and the "mommy" to the other girls. She and Zoe are only 8 months apart, but Jenna tends to try to mother the other two. The three of them together are such a fun combination, though, as their personalities are so different.

My mom also helped to make my birthday special. She's always there for me and the kids and I am so thankful and appreciative of her presence in my life...and in my kids' lives as well.

And to my friends... thank you so much for being there, for being so amazing... for making me feel so loved today. You guys are the best!!

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