Friday, July 9, 2010

reflections on the barb's course

Well... now that I've done test runs on the swim, bike AND run portions of Barb's... I am fully aware of the challenges that face me in 22 days... Yes, 22.... WOW!! Tomorrow marks 3 weeks until the race.

My thoughts...

The Swim Course... the Russian River is a unique swimming experience for me, as I have never swam with a wetsuit in fresh water. TOTALLY not as buoyant as in the salt water, as expected... fresh/clean(ish) tasting...and shallow. The way to the turn around was AGAINST the current... so that took us nearly 28 minutes (we were not pushing the pace) but only 13 to get back. Very enjoyable swim... water temperature was perfect and it wasn't as shallow as we had anticipated...and it was definitely a good experience.

The Bike Course - rolling hills... poorly maintained roads... the downhills tend to be shadowy and full of potholes, so instead of utilizing them to gain time, I feel that I am going to have to approach them with caution...the course is absolutely gorgeous, rolling hills through the vineyards and through several small towns. Love it... but it definitely will pose many challenges for me between the potential for heat, wind, and any other catastrophic things that might occur on race day. "Any given Sunday" or in this case, Saturday, will be the name of the game. When I rode the bike course in May, it was WINDY and COLD. Today, when we drove it, it was not windy but pretty hot.... and I still need to fine tune eating on the bike and perhaps even peeing on the bike? Tips? Hints? Suggestions?

The Run Course - some parts are much like San Dieguito... the course consists of an out an back (4 miles) and then a loop back of 2.5ish miles... for a total of 13.1ish miles... some parts are extremely hot... all in all, I'm definitely not expecting to PR my half marathon time on this course but rather, just survive it and do the best that I can... which will hopefully result in a decent half maraathon time. We shall see.

SO in conclusion, this course is definitely going to keep me on my toes and challenge me... and I will push myself as hard as I can on race day and see what I can achieve.

But let me tell you what... I am so looking forward to training for Malibu olympic and all the other fun races Jax and I have in the cards for next year... as next year will be the year of the sprints, Olys, and FUN.

can't wait.

Can't wait for this to be over... can't wait to see what I push my mind and body to do.

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