Thursday, July 8, 2010

leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow, Jax and I head to San Francisco... why? Because we're swimming and running the course for our race in...23 days!! Holy cow!! 23 days... just over 3 weeks!! Tomorrow should be awesome...1.5 mile fresh water river swim followed by a 13.1 mile run. Yikes. Then on Saturday, we're going to try to PR our 10k... definitely something I'm nervous about. I really hope that I can pull something amazing from within and hit that PR. My goal is around 56 minutes... (or less) -- I'd REALLY like 54.... but that's a stretch.... my current PR is around 59something (for just a 10k) and I'd like to smash that. I'm not going to hold my breath (well, duh... I have to breathe!!) especially after the long workout we're planning to do the day before... but I would really like to see what I can put myself through. Running strong on tired legs... well... we shall see about this.

For now, I'm relaxing while watching Le Tour... this race is seriously addicting to watch... it's amazing what these men can put their bodies through. I love the strategy and excitement that the race brings... some day, I'd really like to visit France during le Tour... I haven't been there since 1999 and I miss the cultural immersion. Hopefully, when Jason and I are bit more secure in our finances, we can plan a trip... (thinking... 10 years from now??) But back to Le Tour... I've found several live feeds so that I am able to catch the last hour or so of the stage every morning... but now I'm watching the beginning as Versus is showing it again. Love it... very inspiring... Now if only I could channel my inner Lance or Cancellara or Cavendish while racing in a few weeks... all truly amazing men who inspire me!! Actually, I'd just like to channel my inner Chrissie... that's just what I need.

Hopefully this weekend brings some amazing training and some good times with the best friend I could ever ask for...

Again - thanks to Jason, my mom, Mike, and Bobbie for supporting us in all of this. Truly do love you guys!!

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  1. You are awesome Bex! You inspired me to start hiking and walking/jogging and we finally got our treadmill. THEN, my achilles tendon started to tear :( My body isn't meant to run, my knees are bad, it makes my hips not want to move and apparently kills my achilles!

    You obviously have more luck with the whole running thing than I do!

    Please know you are an inspiration and you are AWESOME. I am always interested to see what your next adventure is and/or the ups and downs of it all!

    Good luck pretty girl! <3 xoxo <3