Sunday, July 4, 2010

ahhh how good it feels....

Nice trail run with Jax at Mission Trails. We had such an amazing time rock climbing, dodging bushes, avoiding fire ant hills, chasing rabbits and scaling steep hilly faces. It was just incredible. I always feel so free out on the trails - the silence of nature coupled with the quickening of our breath and the beating of an awakened heart... the fresh smell of dirt and vegetation mixing with the aroma of our salty sweat... just the free feeling of not being tied to a particular pace, location, or distance... just our feet, our energy, and nature. Purely liberating and amazing. The run was truly phenomenal and as my feet prodded the dirt and rocks, I imagined myself running an ultra, as I truly love the idea of running, at a slow but steady pace, through all that the natural world has to offer. My thoughts were flowing, my feet lightly gliding through the terrain. I was free!! So glad to be in great company, at a great location, and enjoying a great workout.

Our ride was less than mediocre. We were tired, sore from the day before, and just wanting to be done. We took a little tour through the hills of Santee/Lakeside/Mission Trails area...We grumbled about how we missed just being able to do "just a run" or "just a ride" and both of us are really just ready to have our race!!

All in all, a great day. I was spent by the time I got home and required some naproxen, a shower, and a nap.

Let us not forget, though... today is Independence Day... and we should all take a moment to recognized our heroes, the fallen, and our fighters. Thank you for all you've done in terms of service to our country... Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we remain a free country.

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