Thursday, July 1, 2010

batting 0

SO I've got a cold... and a shoulder injury... but I must truck on. With 30 (almost 29) days until the race, I can't let anything slow me down - including myself. This weekend should be a great training weekend... We should be logging in some awesome mileage.

Had a fantastic massage today with Sarah Zimmerman ( which really started the day off right. Unfortunately, my shoulder continued to get worse as the day went on, which resulted in a trip to the doctor... turns out I have a sprained shoulder though if it doesn't feel better in the next couple weeks, I'm to see my PCM for an MRI to ensure I don't have a bulging disc or something... ohhh that would be so NOT good. But for now, Ice, anti-inflamatories, and flexeril before bed. We shall see what happens. I'll see how it does on the bike this weekend - I see a lot of naproxen and ice in my future.

Ah well... I am my own worst enemy... and I need to learn how to be my own biggest fan.

I'm watching "Losing It With Jillian Michaels" and it's the episode with the family where the dad doesn't ever want to try something because he doesn't want to fail... i feel that way sometimes - I've always been so quick to disregard setting a goal because "I just do this for fun" but the real reason is I just don't like disappointing myself and other people. So how DOES one overcome themself?

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