Thursday, January 27, 2011

feeling the burn

...and no... it's not the burn of heavy training.

It's the candle of my motivation being blown out... I've burned the candle at both ends for far too long and it has caught up with me.

For this reason, I've made several important training decisions:

1) Only two main races this year
2) Everything besides these two races will be "for fun" and "for training"
3) Adding more "fun" into my training (paddle boarding, rock climbing, trail runs, mountain biking, etc)

Hopefully, this will help spark my motivation... or at least make me enjoy things more.

I got into triathlon "for fun" and had fun participating in these races...but when I started putting higher expectations on myself and setting "real" goals, it really took the fun out of this. I don't ever expect to make a career out of this -- so why am I allowing it to take over my life letting it be such a focus?

Time to really reprioritize.
I spent the last few days hanging out with the kiddos, doing homework, and some minimal training... and yet it still feel guilty for not working out more... What gives??!?!

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