Monday, January 10, 2011

the "perfect beginning"

Today is 1/10/11.... any way you look at it... its 1/10/11 :) So, in keeping with my nontraditional ways, today is my New Year's Day. The beginning of the year is off to a fantastic start, but I've decided that today is the true New Year for me.

During our trail run on Saturday, Jax and I came up with several goals for ourselves... since, as I've mentioned before, I don't buy into the "resolution bandwagon," I'm not calling them resolutions but rather "Self Improvement Steps." --- and these do not involve anyone besides myself.... these aren't the type of resolutions where I promise to be a better wife and mom, because that's a given and a constant in my life. I do not need "resolutions" to remind me to strive to always be a better person :) However... I do like to have certain goals and decisions written out... so it's black and white... (besides always improving my relationship with my husband and children is non-negotiable. ;)

Here's what I've come up with (for accountability purposes):

1) No candy, soda, or fake sugar substitutes until February 11th (baby steps)
2) Follow the "blood type diet" until February 10th (and re-evaluate from there)
3) Attack each of my workouts with purpose and complete them as planned.
4) Weekly menu and grocery list. No random "stops to the store" to pick up "one thing."
5) Homework. On time. Everytime. No questions. This is my last class before my 3 month leave of absence... so I need to go big and take care of business with good grades.

We also discussed our 5-10 year plan. Among some of my further out goals include

1) Level 1 USAT certification
2) Ironman.
3) MFT certification and possibly Substance Abuse Certification
4) Nutrition certification/classes...
5) Triathlon program for disadvantaged and at-risk youth

I was also thinking about one day perhaps starting a "total body gym" -- meaning a gym that not only deals with nutrition and physical aspects of being healthy, but the emotional ones as well. Really cater to the WHOLE BODY approach to fitness and training. Have a special focus on those who have dealt with eating disorders and children... Obviously, this is a very distant future goal as I need capital, licensing, and certifications in various areas... but it's definitely a big interest of mine and I would love to be able to incorporate my academic background in psychology with my love of fitness and training...and my life experiences...into a job. Now to just be able to get there.

Perhaps I'll make a Pepsi Refresh proposal... all I know is that I really want to make a difference in the world... However, I also know is that change has to start at home, from within... and that I need to be the best person, parent, wife, friend, sister, daughter, student, athlete, aunt, cousin, employee, etc... that I can be...before I can even THINK to reach out and help anyone else.

Well... I'm sitting here eating my blackberries/blueberries/fage for breakfast and better get going on today's work. :)

Have a great day, everyone... make it COUNT!

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