Wednesday, January 5, 2011

since I've always done things a bit backwards....

I'm not doing New Year's Resolutions, as I stated. However, I will begin my "January 10th Resolutions" on Monday. Why January 10th? Because I can.

What do I intend to do?

I've gotten myself copies of the books Eat Right 4 Your Type and the "Type A Supplements and Foods List" and "Cook Right 4 Your Type." This week, I began implementing these things into my daily routine and diet... kind of as a "trial" period. Next Monday... it's the real deal. All meals and snacks must be "approved" and "on the list." Why do I want to do this? Well, last year, I had my bodyfat and all of that good stuff tested. Come to find... I have a slow metabolism... REALLY? I'm always hearing at work "you eat so well and you're always working out... you should be a twig." (gee, thanks!) but really, there's truth to it. Not only do I eat "well" (I mean, compared to the fast food frenzy of my office) I do workout a lot... but I also like to eat a lot... well, maybe not "a lot" but clearly more than my slow metabolism can burn. In this testing, I was told my "ideal body weight" (with consideration of my bone and muscle) should be around 125-135 lbs. I've NEVER weighed 125 (maybe when I was 10 lol) so in being a responsible athlete who has no desire to be a twig, have picked the "lucky number" of 135. Now, I've got less than 20 lbs to lose until I reach this "magic number" and I've given myself 12-16 weeks to accomplish it.

I think that should be sufficient. Here goes nothing!! :)

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