Saturday, January 15, 2011

last year

What are some things that you did differently last year than previous years? Do you find that it helped?

For me, I started working with an awesome coach, Bryan Hill ( in April. I had always thought that I wasn't good enough to have a coach, but after a few of my friends jumped on the coaching bandwagon, I realized that perhaps I really could benefit from having one. I was right. Last year was awesome - I pushed harder, ran faster, swam better, and biked stronger than ever before...and I attribute a lot of it to my coach having a good plan and really believing in me.

I think that one day I might like a USAT Certification... I'd love to help people who, like myself, felt that they didn't deserve a coach or weren't good enough/fast enough for one. Probably one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself.

It's been great having my workouts laid out for me, having someone to encourage me when I need it, or tell me (nicely) that I could have tried a bit harder. Overall, a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Rehab United everyone and anyone. Bryan's awesome - he's energetic and driven and a lot of fun. For anyone who has been to a class at RU, you know how awesome the workouts are...

In other aspects of my life... not much has changed...besides the ever present desire to be superwoman better than the previous year.

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