Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ahhh emotions

Last night was not one of my crowning evenings. I was cranky and tired, and running off about 2 hours of sleep from the night before. I had 10000 things going through my head and not enough energy to properly process my thoughts. So what did I do? I kind of went off on people that I deeply care about. Super. I really need to work on that. Perhaps get a punching bag or go for a run, instead of just being a brat because I'm feeling down and exhausted.

I also learned something new last night... I went to a high school called "Emma Willard" (which, on logos, banners, emblems, etc is referred to often as EWS, or Emma Willard School) which was in Troy, NY... well, apparently there's a school called "Emma Willard School" in OH. I was so confused at first as to why, when I was looking for classmates, guys were coming up in the search results, as EWS was an all girls establishment.


Well, that's enough for now... I've decided that I'm going to write my autobiography.... even if just for myself or my family. But I've had a pretty interesting life, and am lucky to be where I am today.

(Now to find the time, right?)

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  1. Funny how the two women who almost ruined his marriage have the same name and attended the same school at that. Perhaps you two could meet up at the next reunion and compare notes.