Thursday, February 3, 2011

new day... and it's ALMOST FRIDAY :)

I am looking forward to this weekend... for a variety of reasons.

1) My younger brother and his girlfriend, who live near Buffalo, NY are in town...and is staying with us Saturday and Sunday nights. Additionally, we have my step daughter this weekend AND Jake (brother) has my nephew for the weekend, so my house will be filled with lots of screaming and fighting the pleasant pitter patter of little feet.
2) SUPERBOWL SUNDAY - this is like Hanukkah in my house in terms of importance. Football is my family's Sunday religion (LOL) and we always have a huge party...

3) 4+ hour hilly ride with some awesome, inspiring, fun, encouraging, great friends.

4) Trail running with Laura and Jax on Sunday (pre-Superbowl) - I call this a Pre-Tox run. HAHA

So I'm definitely excited for the weekend. Great workouts, family time, and football. What more could I ask for.... hmm...well, a million dollars would be nice...but lets be realistic here.

On tonight's menu.... Tri-Strength class at Rehab United ( followed by a meeting with the Coach, and sushi with Randi... definitely looking forward to all of it.

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