Monday, February 21, 2011

testing with FitnessWave

I love going and seeing Iris at -- I hadn't seen her in awhile and it was time....

The good: metabolic rate is up to 2% above normal (from being about 2% below normal) and I'm down 8+ lbs since we saw each other last.... The bad: It was 8 lbs of muscle. Grr... And apparently, I'm not eating enough calories so it's time to up that a bit... but make sure a lot of it's protein... And it's time to really up the weight training... so that's something to focus on.

After seeing Iris, Jax, Erika and I did a good circuit workout at the park while the kiddos played.... I'm a bit tired/sore... GOOD!!

I'm slowly becoming more comfortable in my own skin and really enjoying life... I am surrounded by amazing people, both in my family and friendship circles... and life is good.

There are a few key people lacking...but unfortunately, that's beyond my control... though it defnitely saddens me to have to go through certain things without having them to talk to about certain things in my life that only they were privy to...and that hurts...but I can't do anything about it.

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