Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Four Agreements

I'm almost finished reading it...and it's actually quite amazing. I am really going to need to apply some of the lessons in my daily life...after all, the fourth agreement is"Always try your best."

One of them is "be impeccable in your word." - I do this to a fault... or do it wrong. I call it as I see it, to a fault. And I stop at nothing to get my point across when I feel that it needs to be done. But with this, comes the fact that I tend to over-hammer my points... and this gets me in trouble... as seen in my personal life recently. I suppose this goes with my short fuse that I've developed for watching friends suffer or experience frustration and not do something about it. I guess how I see life as such: If it's no longer pleasurable or fun, why do it? I've been struggling with this myself in my athletic life, and apparently in my personal life too.

Another is "don't take anything personally" - which I am horrible at. I take EVERYTHING personally.

Another even still is "don't make assumptions" - I do this as well.

So this will be an interesting journey... to better life, and the lives of those around me.

Change can only happen from within.

and with that, I'm off to bed. The last hour has definitely emotionally drained me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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