Thursday, February 3, 2011

planning 2011

I used to do every race that I could.
I'd sign up for things just because "I could."
Never again.
I wasted time, money, life energy... just to "do things because I could."

But not anymore. Now I am being choosy, selective...

My schedule:

February 12: Palm Springs Century Ride
February 13: Palm Springs Half Marathon
April 17: NOLA 70.3
August 20: Sprint Nationals
October: CAF relay
November: mayyybbeee Savannah Marathon
December: Vegas RnR 1/2 Marathon (doing the RUN THROUGH WEDDING with jax and friends)

other maybes: San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon, Surf Town Sprint Triathlon...

Then lots of volunteering, spending time with my kids, and some good solid training in there.

Just got my schedule from my coach... he put together a solid plan for me for the next few months and I am so appreciative that he worked with my schedule and life to get everything squared away.

I'm looking forward to the weekend... Long ride Saturday, (maybe) short ride Sunday, (definitely) trail run pre-superbowl... time with friends, the kids, my husband...

Hopefully I can shake the fact that I'm super bummed about what happened today....

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