Thursday, February 3, 2011


The loss of a longstanding friendship, whether to death, distance, or external circumstances beyond my control... is still excessively painful. I think moreso when it happens not due to fight or differences, but rather that which I cannot change... Ten years is a long time to invest in anything... that's an entire decade... the last ten years have been the most turbulant, incredible, growth periods... and having a few constants has has been nice. Actually, I'm quite heartbroken about it. It's unfortunate.

It's like a bad breakup in a romantic relationship... though I think it hurts MORE to lose a good friend... especially one who has seen you through so much good...and quite a bit of bad as well.. who saw me in some of my darkest hours and shining moments.

I just hope that it won't hurt this bad for much longer. I'll be fine.

You will be missed.

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