Monday, June 28, 2010

i found the love

Funny how a great class can do wonders for me... today was the Monday night class at Rehab United and it was awesome. I had such a great time - all 60 muscle burning, sweat dripping, body pumping moments of it. It was truly awesome. Not only was the company great but the workout itself was a lot of fun. With Jax as my partner as usual, we had a blast. I even enjoyed the crazy ab workout that we did. So thank you to everyone who was there, and most importantly - to Bryan and Lesley - for leading a phenomenal workout!!

Today was overall a good day... got a decent swim in at the Y before the RU class... had a great workout with my friends... got home feeling somewhat Zen about everything... Looking forward to this weekend's workouts...which will include TRAIL RUNNING with Jackie... I can't wait to get back to Mission Trails... I've missed them so much... And can't wait to embark upon my ULTRA training... must do at least 30 for my 30th next year... and we'll go from there. But all in all, I've found the excitement and spark again... and I'm super excited for what the future holds, in so many aspects of my life.

Right now, I'm feeling very focused... very relaxed...and very excited. Out here, triathlon really isn't a "hobby" it's an entire lifestyle, a way of life... you eat, live, breathe, sleep, incorporate your family into it... it consumes you... in a good way... but really - the community out here is fantastic... the support system - incredible... and I couldn't ask for a better journey to have embarked upon in my life.

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