Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the wheels on the bike go round and round

Fabulous workout today... Thank you, Randi!! 20 mile ride, 5 mile run... great company. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Felt so refreshing to ride around lake miramar (albeit frustrating with all of the pedestrian and casual bike traffic) but the wind (and there was a stiff wind) in my hair, the overcast sky allowing me to wear a sweatshirt, and a good friend at my side... I felt so good. Even the run... In fact, I really do love running - just not a fast pace. At a 9:25/mile, I am super happy...relaxed... my HR gets high - but I can breathe easily, talk to friends, enjoy my surroundings. (Maybe this is because my AT is 166!!! and my LT is 197!)

I'm getting pretty excited for this race... this weekend requires some high mileage...and I'm excited for it. Friday is my 29th birthday - and to commemorate it, we are swimming 2 miles, then running for 9... followed by dinner in La Jolla... anyone is welcome to join for some or all of it. Should be a good time :)

So finally... I've found the love again... I'm smiling through my workouts... I feel alive... I've felt strong on my last two runs... Perhaps the training is working afterall, right?

Bring it ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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