Monday, June 28, 2010


After yesterday's wonderful experience at SDIT (thank you, RANDI!!) I am feeling good...A new training week…. And I am excited for it. I am ready to rock and roll…. Feeling quite renewed from the weekend. (Now ask me again next Monday, and the tune might change… but for now, I am going to approach this week with a smile and eager excitement… )

Today will be a swim followed by the Rehab United Tri-Strength with Jax and some of my favorite friends and training buddies. Should be a good workout among good company. Tomorrow is slated for a 2 hour ride and a 30-40 minute… Wednesday is a killer 3000m swim… Thursday is ride/run followed by helping the beginners at the De Anza Cove swim… Friday is my 29th birthday – and we are celebrating by swimming 2 miles and then running 9… and a nice, conversational, fun 9. Nothing crazy… just good company… good conversation…. And then the weekend. Currently on the schedule for Saturday is a 60 mile ride, followed by an 8 mile run…and Sunday has us down for a 10k run followed by 40-50 on the bike… Holy crap. We’ll see how that fits into my life and schedule, but I do know that I’ll get it done to the best of my ability…but am also going to be mindful that we have a nice, long weekend ahead of us and spending time with friends and family is definitely high on the priority list as well).

I keep having this dream (every night for the past few nights) about doing an ultra… in the dream, I’m flying (well, those of you who know how I run know that I most certainly do not “fly”) along the trails, past some of the most amazing scenery I’ve ever seen…. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it – and I think I want to make this happen next year. I’ve always said I wanted to run 30 for my 30th… and I am going to make it happen…

I won’t be doing another half iron for awhile. I just don’t have the time between family, work, and soon GRAD SCHOOL to devote the time to the brick workouts and the long hours of training… so next year, I will be running-focused with cross training in swimming and biking… doing a few Olys and sprints here and there… but really focusing on the Rs in my life: relationships (family/friends), running, reading (school) and relaxation  I have a few running goals that I want to accomplish… and will attack those with tenacity… and excitement.

SO I challenge myself to attack this week’s training with a renewed energy and excitement…. To push myself as hard as I can… and to accomplish the goals that I’ve set out to accomplish… and to do them in good company, with a good attitude…and look towards the future with a smile  It WILL be good. Oh yes… so much to come… so much potential… so many opportunities to explore and situations to pursue that might just be coming out of the woodwork.

Lets DO THIS!!

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