Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the tale of the pink trek

So I was looking at my results for the last year… and as it turns out… my PR for RnR was a 4 minute PR… nothing huge but still… I suppose I should try to look at the small accomplishments instead of simply aiming for the one huge one.

Last night, I was struggling around Fiesta Island... struggling mentally, not physically. For those of you who haev ridden with me before, you know I hate being passed. Someone passes me, and I try my hardest to "get them" -- an unfortunate habit that has gotten me into trouble several times before. As I cruised at 25.25 mph, a tiny man on a bright pink Trek plowed by me... staring my direction as he wizzed by, almost taunting me with his eyes...he was doing it on purpose. He has been on the island every time that I've TT'd around it, for the last few months... and he's always behind me... until that one part of fiesta that goes downhill... he then plows down at lightning speed... and passes me. One of my loops, I was determined to not let him pass me... I pushed as hard as I could... I thought I had him... Then... I heard it... the sound of someone behind me... I tried to hold on, but he was just too fast. That tiny man, on the bright pink bike... passed me... yet again... Moments later, I was engulfed in the peleton that is the Tues/Thursday "world cup" ride or something. I was so scared, I nearly fell off my bike...but tried to hang on to the wheel of the last rider for a few... I could not. But I tried.

I felt my motivation coming back last night... I'll get there again... but for now, I've got a date with 2800 in the pool.

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  1. beware of us tiny people: we're stronger than we look!