Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a summer cold?

So I woke up this morning extremely sore... and with a head cold. AWESOME. So I popped a couple tylonol and am now chugging a large batch of Emergen-C. Not happy. I have way too much to accomplish the rest of this week and this weekend. Tonight, I have a swim session with Bobbie because I think my technique has gone to hell and is ineffective... and I have to somehow pull out this fantastic 3000m swim workout... complete with sprints and progressive 100s. Should be a good time, especially for a slow swimmer like myself. Lets just hope that it doesn't take 2 hours.

As a kid, I'd frequently injure (strain/sprain/whatever) my neck and lately, I've been having incredibly annoying shoulder/neck problems. I noticed last night, around 9pm, that my left shoulder and side of my neck was extremely uncomfortable. I struggled to find a decent position to sleep in, knowing that if I slept on my right side, my shoulder nerve impingement would get aggrivated.... so I ended up sleeping on my stomach, as usual, but with my hands shoved under the pillow in a position that is tolerable to my ailments... (See, I told you guys that I'm getting old!!!) And so today I'm sitting at my desk with one of those heat patches on my shoulders... ugh... totally NOT the way I wanted to start my day...

... and to top it all off... my 8 year old SIM card in my new phone (been with Tmobile for 8 years, haven't ever had to replace the card) died and my phone isn't working... so off to the tmobile store I will go during "lunch."

Good times... NOT a good way to approach a Wednesday.

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  1. awww, feel better soon! Have you ever tried going to a chiropractor? I'm a big fan for my bad back...I never realized how tight/irritated my shoulders and neck are until I started going and now I feel much better.